Day: 2012/03/01

Game On!

photo prompt from Flashy Fiction

Jim and Liz stood with their toes buried deep in the cold, wet sand. The waves moved in and out around their ankles.

“Is this really happening?” Liz whispered breathlessly.

Wrapping his arm around her shoulders and pulling her closer to him, his response barely audible above the shushing of the waves, “Yes.” Gently lifting her chin to meet his gaze, Jim kissed Liz with a passion that surprised even her.

Holding her in his embrace, Jim spoke softly into Liz’s ear. “Let’s not waste one moment of this, Liz.” With Liz nodding in agreement, he bent down to draw a heart at their feet. As he did, Liz scanned the houses along the beachfront…still awed by how things came together.

Just three days ago, Liz met Jim for the first time as he stood at her Blackjack table. He was like every other “average Joe” who shows up in Vegas hoping to get rich quick. There was nothing spectacular about his looks or the way he dressed. But there was something about the glint in his eye that captured Liz’s.

For nearly eight hours straight, Jim stayed at her table. As he won, his bets got bigger—right along with the tips he pushed her way. At the end of her shift, Jim stood to take a break, asked when she’d be back, and told her he would see her then.

“Fourteen hours.” Jim muttered under his breath after she walked away. In those fourteen hours he had a lot to do if this plan was going to work.

Just after Liz returned to work, she was surprised to see Jim walk up to her table. Well, she wasn’t surprised to see him, but she was surprised to see how he was dressed.

“Fancy duds, today, sir,” she commented.

“I had a pretty good day yesterday. And I’m feeling even luckier today. In fact, I’m going to fly you out of here on a private jet tonight. I can just feel it.”

Protesting, she said, “Oh, you’re not taking me anywhere…” (and in her mind, she finished that sentence with, “…that I’m not already planning to go.”) “You have yet to prove you can do again today what you seem to have accomplished yesterday.”

Both of them smiling at the other, thinking of their own plans, Jim said, “Shut up and deal!”

#   #   #

Written for two prompts at Flashy Fiction…the photo prompt (shown above), as well as the “I Oughta Be In Pictures” prompt, to use one of five movie quotes as the closing line of the story. Go to Flashy Fiction to read other stories…or to leave a little story of your own!