Hope of Spring

photo prompt at Flashy Fiction

Jack doesn’t realize it, but our outing today is more for me than him. It has been a long winter! I don’t know who said the “terrible twos” were the hard years; the “throwing-tantrum-threes” has been almost enough to do me in. Mom always said things come full circle. I need to remember to thank Mom for her endless patience with me when I was a little boy.

Combining Jack’s “throwing-tantrum-threes” with my cabin fever—I was never so happy to hear the familiar sound of the geese returning to our shore.

“You won’t remember this conversation, Jack. But long before you were born, your mom and I would come to this very spot. We would swim in the summer, have picnics in the fall, ice skate on the frozen lake in the winter, and feed the geese every spring—just like we’re doing today.”

Watching Jack chase the geese, I see Jacqueline’s smile. He even has the cadence of her giggle.

“Your mom and I would spend hours talking about everything under the sun. We even talked about our dream of one day sharing this place with our family…that’s YOU, Jack.”

Hearing his name, he turned to me, and squealed, “Love you, Daddy!”

“Oh Jacqueline, you would have loved watching this. Jack has somehow gotten his arms around the neck of one of these geese—he’s fearless! He’s just like you, Honey.”

“Mine, Daddy?” His words a tumble with his giggles.

I can’t help but laugh at our little boy. “Maybe that goose would help keep you corralled at home, Jack!”

Yes, this outing was just what I needed. I’d forgotten how close I feel to Jacqueline when I’m here. It took me a long time to fulfill the promise I made to her that day…  “The day you held Jack for the first—and last—time.”

“I will be back, Jacqueline…and will tell Jack all about you.”

#   #   #

Written for the photo prompt at Flashy Fiction.


  1. That’s adorable. I love taking pictures of my little ones they always do the cutest things! Well taken picture.


    1. Thanks for the visit — however, the picture is not mine. It is from a “fiction prompt site” called Flashy Fiction.

      …but you’re right. It’s a great shot!


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