Day: 2012/02/22

Going Nowhere, Fast

“OMG!” came the text from my favorite gal pal from the club.

I waited (semi-)patiently, for the rest of Daisy’s message. Just “OMG!” didn’t tell me anything. But clearly she was excited.


Yep, that was the rest of the story. So Daisy was moving! Well, good for her! It’s something we had been wanting for a while now: to break out of our rut. We needed a change of scenery. I wondered if I would get the chance to see her before she left.

“When do you leave? And do you know anything about your new home?” was my reply.

Truth is, I was envious. I, too, felt the restless hopelessness of never getting a ticket out of our current trappings.


So there you have it. Daisy is on her way out. I’ll really miss her.

“Good luck, Dais. I hope you’ll be happy.”

Running the full length of the narrow channel—up and over the middle, where Daisy and I would meet for snacks—I returned to the club.

Just before jumping on the nearest exercise wheel, I saw a little girl carrying a tiny little box with holes; her grown-up was carrying the biggest pink hamster mansion I’ve ever seen.

“MY NEW HOUSE IS GOING TO BE PINK!” came one last text from Daisy.

And I’m going nowhere, fast.

#   #   #

Written for the “animal antics” prompt at Flashy Fiction.