Satin, Pearls, and Spotlights

"In The Spotlight" -- photo prompt at Flashy Fiction

Two weeks ago an envelope arrived in the mail containing two tickets for tonight—my birthday. Jenny had mentioned months ago that a surprise would be coming for my birthday, to not plan anything. I hadn’t. (I didn’t tell her that I’d later found out The Band Perry, her favorite, would be playing in town—I didn’t want to ruin her surprise for me.)

For two weeks I have stared at those tickets…trying to decide what to do.

It has been four weeks – I have gone nowhere. I have secluded myself in my dorm room in hopes that time would heal. I haven’t been able to face anyone since Jenny died. I feel responsible. In my heart, I knew I’m not – the doctors say the aneurysm could not have been stopped. As she was collapsing, she was already gone. Anyone’s attempts to revive her would have had the same result. But the look in the eyes of every person I meet on campus – I can’t help but think they blame me for not doing enough.

And all I can think about is holding her that day…her body still so warm in my arms…and thinking that surely it doesn’t end this way!

But it did.

I finally decided I should go to the concert. Jenny had been so excited about it…I couldn’t let her down. Into my backpack I placed her picture, the teddy bear she gave me on New Years Eve, and the hoodie she had been wearing that day in the park (it still had her scent)…and I took Jenny with me.

Somehow, the spotlight crisscrossing over the crowd settled on me during the song “If I Die Young.” I’m so glad I convinced her mom of satin and pearls—it’s what Jenny would have wanted, just like in the song. And the glow of that spotlight was the radiance of Jenny’s smile.

I’m going to be ok.

# # #

Purely fiction, written for the prompt at Flashy Fiction.



  1. OMG, I had tears streaming down my face reading this … and then I read that last line, the disclaimer. I guess that alone should tell you this was a really good story! Well done, you got me good! ~ Julie 🙂


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