Monday Mystery: Feral House

photo prompt at Flashy Fiction

It was a Skooby-Doo episode, come to life. (So to speak.) I knew that I should just walk past. Heck – I knew that I shouldn’t have gone down that road to begin with! Yet something just drew me there.

For years I had heard stories about people who had gone missing, and the theories tied to this house. Like Fred, I wanted to get to the bottom of it. Someone needed to dispel the myths and clear the air—and land—of the creepy vibes given off by this house.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a “gang” to back me up…I was on my own.

I made my way slowly to the front door, stopping every so often to listen. Occasionally I would hear a faint whispery sound. Or did I? Was it my mind playing tricks?

Stepping gingerly over the threshold of the front door, I was met immediately with a waft of air so filled with the pungent odor of death I stopped mid-stride; glued to the spot. My eyes, adjusting to the darkened interior, darted around the room looking for the source of the smell.

I saw nothing but the remnants of a living room, long past its useful days. Everything was covered in dirt and debris—yet looking surprisingly undisturbed. (But that odor!)

After what seemed a full ten minutes (and was probably only 30 seconds) of standing in that same spot, half-way through the house’s front door, I completed my entrance — the full weight of which sent me immediately through the paneled floor, to my impalement, below.

(I should have told someone where I was going.)

# # #

I will often look up a key word from a prompt to see if there are deeper or alternate meanings than what initially comes to mind. Such was the case with “feral.” I immediately thought of all the undomesticated cats that roam this city, and that was the first definition I found: not domesticated; wild.

When I read further, I came upon a definition for feral that I had not known: causing death; fatal; funereal; gloomy.

It is this second definition that spawned this story as my response to Flashy Fiction’s prompt: Monday Mystery – Feral House. At the time of posting, there wasn’t a picture to accompany the prompt. It has since been added — and fits quite nicely!



    1. Well, Hannah…I did have the tags to go by which RJ had included with the post (her picture just didn’t tag along with it!)…and she had included “dilapidated house” as one of the tags! So…I was a bit more of a detective than a mind reader on this one! 🙂


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