Six Word Saturday…2/11/12

I choose to see the sunshine.

It was a long, crazy, stress-filled week…including food poisoning, a family member being diagnosed with cancer, work deadlines, and dramatic craziness among friends. Today I focused on the positive…and thanked God for some very dear friends who helped me stay sane this week…to see the sunshine in spite of the dark clouds. Hugs to each of them!!

Written for “Six Word Saturday”…click here to go to Cate’s blog to read other posts.



  1. Sounds like tough times indeed! At times like that it’s all in the smaller things I guess. I love your 6WS, they sound so inspiring, cup half full… I love that! I always try to live like that as well. Take care in the coming week! Hope it will be a little more positive and less stressful for you!


    1. Yes, Cessie — a tough week! With more medical tests for my relative this week, I’m thinking there’s some stress ahead for me. But I will continue with this thought of sunshine in mind.

      Thanks for visiting!!



  2. That sounds like a very rough week–glad you were able to see the sunshine in spite of the clouds. Friends are wonderful that way–a true blessing.

    Loved your “Peeking Out” poem! Hope that this week is less stress-:-)


    1. Rough, indeed! SOO thankful for friends.

      I appreciate your visit…and for your comment re: “Peeking Out.” πŸ™‚

      Have a great week, Sara.



    1. Thanks for stopping by this post, Richard…”Six Word Saturday” — another opportunity to practice economy of words. (Even though I will often write a sentence or two below it, like I did this week.)

      Enjoy the (poetic) sunshine in your week!


  3. Oh my what a week…bless your heart! That is nice that you have good friends to help during those times. And I too am “choosing to see the sunshine!”


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