Peeking Out

"Peeking Out" photo prompt at Flashy Fiction


(a shadorma)

hide and seek:
a game children play
with their friends…
or sometimes,
life just gets too loud and they
seek a place to hide

P. Wanken

This photo prompt was offered up at Flashy Fiction. Though I didn’t write “flash fiction” for this one, I had seen the photo a few days ago and the image wouldn’t leave my mind. So I decided to use it as a prompt for this poem. The photo was titled “Peeking Out” ~ and as such, I titled my poem the same. If you’re interested in reading short flashes of fiction based on this prompt, click on the photo to go to Flashy Fiction‘s site…and enjoy!


  1. A brilliantly conceived and creative piece, with exciting surreal elements, in a combination that forms the perfect poem.


    1. It was a great photo prompt for a Flash Fiction site…but my words took a shorter route, even. 🙂 Thank you for your visit and your comment.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Amy! It was a great photo prompt over at Flashy Fiction. I didn’t have a story to write, but it kept calling me back. So…I used it for poetry. 🙂


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