Flashy Fiction

"Bicycle" -- picture prompt at Flashy Fiction

The sky was bluer than she had seen in several days. The rain and gloom of early spring had been wearing on them both. The warmth of the sunshine would be good for him.

Parking her bike along the side of the house as she did every day, Lily carried her basket of fresh bread and fruit up to his flat. Letting herself in, she began to softly hum the melody of the glorious day — hope and joy permeating each note. She smiled as she thought about her tune being carried to his ears, filling his dreams with her song.

Breakfast tray in hand, Lily wound her way to the back bedroom. Again a smile graced her face as she saw the light streaming through the parted curtains. He had been awake at some point and saw the sunshine, because it was now resting on his beautiful, peaceful face. She didn’t want to disturb his rest; quietly placing the tray on the bed next to him, she saw the paper in his hand.

Carefully sliding the paper from his grip she read his barely legible words:

Your love has carried me through dark days. It is very fitting that the sun would shine today, as I know my days here in this world are ending. On sunbeams and smiles will I be ushered from this life to the next. Remember my words, sweet daughter:


battles surge
all around…a world
where wars are
fought; and can-
cer kills; yet…
my hope rests in this: life’s
not just a dead end

I love you.


#  #  #

This was a new venture for me — my first foray into “flash fiction.” There’s a great site for a daily prompt — click on the picture to take you there. Explore, read, write!

As a slight twist, I incorporated a poem into my flash of fiction. Dead End was posted to my blog yesterday.



    1. Gordon – so great of you to stop by!! Thank you for the encouragement! Join me in checking out the prompts at Flashy Fiction!

      Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.



  1. Paula, it’s lovely – and sad. I really liked it as I read it the first time. Rereading it made some of your words so poignant. And I like how you used the shadorma.



    1. Thank you, Richard, for your thoughtful response. Thanks for taking the time not only to read it once, but again. Knowing my words evoked poignancy and emotion — blesses me. Thank you.

      ~ Paula


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