E M P T Y ?

yet the elements
are all there. . .
my mind, splintered,
my grip, lost.

a small bottle
lies next to the water glass
both empty

I am released
into even greater
feeling weightless,
in spacious

with rapid breaths
and feeling the
of each heart beat,
bring reality
into focus

in a rare moment
of clarity—
coming too late—
I see the fullness
that was always
there, and
life is no longer
an enigma

P. Wanken

Written for The Sunday Whirl #34, to write a poem using these words: elements, tumbling, spasm, released, weightless, grip, rapid, enigma, glass, pulsations, spacious, and rare.


    1. Cheryl…yes, that is where the words took me this week. I guess I’ve been thinking about all the people who, this time of the year, feel so empty when they don’t have to…

      Thanks for your visit!



    1. Laurie –

      There are so many people who feel lost this time of year…it’s my prayer that ALL would come to know, before it’s too late, just how full their lives really are!

      Thanks, as always, for your continued support and encouragement of my writing! 🙂



  1. Really well done piece….the chilling portion is the clarity “coming too late” …truly beautiful and deeply insightful line is the finale ” life no longer sn enigma” you have perfectly targeted the empty despair when life does seem not so much filled with pain … but an enigma that has grown overwhelmingly boring …. Bravo…to articulating this pain that came to you to be shared


  2. Wow, Paula, such a dark theme and a departure from your usual fare. Very well written though, and the wordle words blend seamlessly.


    1. Traci –
      Thanks for noticing the difference. That tells me a bit about my “usual fare.” 🙂 And to have you say the wordle words blended so well–truly an encouragement! 🙂


    1. At this time of year, I was thinking of those who feel so empty. I pray that all will have eyes to see how full we really are. Thanks for your visit, gautami! ~Paula


  3. Great imagery, Paula. It could be the opening scene for a movie, followed by a retelling of all that occurred to the character to bring her to this point.


  4. “Spacious nothingness…” Perfect description of depression, of self-medication because one doesn’t have access to proper treatment. Or feels isolated from God. This speaks so profoundly – and I hope anyone who is contemplating taking themselves away from us knows that there IS ultimate clarity… and not just as you die. It’s available through contact with other folks. Come talk to me. I’ve been there. Peace, Amy


    1. So many, this time of year, feel so isolated. I also hope they all find someone to talk to…and the rest of us will recognize the importance of that connection. Thanks, Amy, as always.


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