I Am Resilient


Your words, a treasure beyond gold.

You are resilient,
that’s one of the qualities
I love about you…

Resilient? You are my strength.

…my words will be
difficult to read,
I know you will cry,
until your logical side
chides me for taking
time to write them…

You know me so well.

…I knew nothing
of love until I met you.
You have loved me fully…

You make it so easy.

…leaving you has been
the hardest part of this job…

Watching you go was harder.

…harder than the battle
I’m facing…

The battle is mine, now.

If I should die,
think only this of me:
I will leave this earth
a different man.
Because of you I
became the man God
intended for me to be.
You held my heart
in yours; I leave now
knowing it’s yours

I love you.

I am resilient.

P. Wanken

Written for Carry On Tuesday’s prompt, to write a poem using all or part of the opening line of Rupert Brooke’s poem The Soldier: “If I should die, think only this of me.”

When I read the prompt, the image from a previous poem popped into my head. This is a bit of a “Part 2” to that story. Click here to read that poem, titled Resilient.


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