Return to Sender

Dear Mother:

Your postcard came today. I know God
will watch over Father wherever he is
being sent, just like you told me God would
watch over me when I was sent here.

I am using my best manners, like you asked.
It’s hard sometimes. Students at my school
say I am different and do not want to be my
friend. I get lonely.

Aunt Barbara said I didn’t have to call her Mum
like Sally does. She tries to make me feel better
but she doesn’t sing to me like you do. She does
hold me tight when the loud sirens go off and we
have to sit in the dark. It is scary, but she is nice
to me when I am afraid.

Will you be able to come for me soon? I will be
nine next week.

I miss you.


Theme Thursday’s prompt this week was “letter.”  I had been contemplating my response to the prompt and decided to actually write my piece in the form of a letter. Until I watched a documentary tonight, I didn’t know who the sender or the recipient would be. I still do not know them — the documentary merely inspired the contents of the letter, which could have been written by any of the children of the Kindertransport project in 1938-39.


    1. Gautami –

      Thank you for coming by…and for leaving a link back to your lovely poem. It reminded me of Isaiah 61:3.

      Seems I’m not the only one using her heart and soul to write poetry.


  1. Oh Paula, I like this piece, thank you for giving voice to children from this time. You’ve captured that almost innocent fear that we, the reader, know to be justified.


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