Clear Vision


night turned to morning

limbs reaching to silence the siren
dreams fading to distant memory

flecks of dust dancing in the sunlight

with a toss of the sheets
she flew from the bed

the freedom of a new day

hair brushed, teeth flossed
a fresh start to face new hurtles

mourning turning to hope

P. Wanken

Written for Poets United Thursday Think Tank prompt: freedom; and The Sunday Whirl’s prompt #11 (using the 12 words in the wordle picture).


  1. I like where you’ve taken this, Paula.
    An intriguing use of hurtles. Siren dreams are enticing, and then you bring us back to earth by flossing her teeth!


    1. “Flossed” was an interesting word to incorporate into the poem…and is the one word that changed the direction from where I thought I was headed with the words. I haven’t gone to read the other wordle responses, yet, but will be interested in seeing how that word is used. As for “hurtles”…I wanted to change it to “hurdles”…then looked it up for alternate meanings. There’s an archaic use of the word to mean “collision.” That’s what I went with for this use. ~Paula


  2. Optimistic ending to a strong poem. I agree that ‘flossed’ was an interesting word to use. Fun to see what everyone did with it.


    1. Mustering the optimism in my writing, at least. Maybe life will imitate art??

      As always–thanks for stopping by and for your comments. ~Paula


  3. It’s interesting how you start with morning and end with mourning turning to hope. Nice piece. Flossed was a hard word for me, too. Enjoy your Fourth, Paula!


  4. I’ll join the group. I almost left floss out. I also liked the use of hurtles and the change from mourning to morning and the scene presented almost as one movement. You have to get in early if you want an original comment 🙂



  5. morning to mourning to breaking free of both tangles… love the use of the Wordle words. Very smooth and forward moving.


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