Between the Lines


Every day
filled with reminders of love shared.

…he taught me it was OK to love.

I look in the mirror first thing in the morning:
and hear his voice telling me I am radiant.

…something I hadn’t seen before, but now believe.

My phone buzzes with a text message in the middle of the day:
I expect to see his name as the sender.

…he taught me I deserved the attention.

I gaze at the moon:
and travel back in my mind to countless midnight calls.

…we talked about everything; he taught me it was safe…to hold nothing back.

I gave him my heart. And he took it.
And he gave me his.

…but…he taught me things change.

I must move on, he said. Even though he still loves me, he said.
And so, I must. But…there’s just one hitch:

…when will I fall out of love?

Until then, I go through the motions
day after day: working, eating, sleeping…

…afraid someone will read between the lines and see my tears.

P. Wanken

A shorter version of this poem was first written as a response to my mentor’s challenge to write a poem using all or part of: “…afraid someone will read between the lines and see my tears.” I wrote it and sent it…with the disclaimer that it wasn’t “THE poem” he was looking for, but that I believed I had another in me.

Then came along We Write Poems challenge on Thursday to revise/rewrite a poem I’d already written. I had contemplated going back to one of my earliest poems (when I REALLY didn’t know what I was doing!), but this poem kept gnawing on me.

I thought back to Wednesday’s Poetic Asides prompt to write a poem about how something changes…today’s Poetic Bloomings prompt to write about a friend and their influence on my life…and finally, Sunday Scribblings prompt: hitch.

So…BETWEEN THE LINES is the culmination of combining four prompts! (I didn’t even try to work in Brenda’s twelve wordle words…I wrote a separate poem for that prompt: CLEAR VISION (in which you will read I am trying to move on!)


  1. I don’t know whether you ever fall out of love. There will be others loves. Memories may fade but every now and then something will remind you of that special time when everything was so wonderful and then the tears will come again; and you will blame it on some petty thing but hold in your heart the real reason.

    A truly beautiful poem.


    1. Rob! You’re back!! So good to see the Old Egg popping up again. You’ve been missed!! Thanks for coming by…and for sharing your words of wisdom. Much appreciated. ~Paula


  2. Absolutely lovely. Gosh, I can’t see the words that I’m typing as I suspect that they’re white just like the comment box. Is it something that my laptop is doing?


    1. Misk: Thank you for the visit as well as the comment. Both are appreciated…as is the “subscription.” ~Paula
      (Oh…the “invisible words” thing has happened to me on others’ blogs before…I have found that if the page didn’t fully load before I started typing, it would do that. So I’d either finish — hoping for no typos, or I would “refresh” the page and it would be back to normal.)


  3. There is so much gentle emotion here – quite beautiful to read.
    It is very difficult to fall out of love, I know, I’ve had to do it several
    times in order to move on.


  4. This piece tells of the amazing gifts received, lessons learned, knowledge gained through experience, even when the outcome is not to our liking. And a healing heart does take so very long…


  5. No need to fall out of love. Love is. All we can do is push it inside and store it. Little by little, it is joined by the other loves of our lives. There will be many. As far as I know, there is no end to the capacity for love and each is cherished in it’s own way.


  6. Paula Paula, my words may be invisible to me, but reading between the lines and typos, you may see my tears at the sadness in this lovely poem. Mike and Amy have said what I would have said. I hope when this materialises it is not too garbled. And I thought I was a touch typist!


    1. Viv…thank you so much….truly. When something that I have written from the depth of my own emotion touches the emotion of a reader, I am blessed to know it. So thank you for your comment. As for your typing skills…only a couple minor baubles that my editorial skills fixed. All but the “double name” at the beginning, which I left because it made me smile. 🙂 And these days…I grab hold of whatever will make me smile! ~Paula


  7. Paula, really like the structure and how it echoes the title in action. This is a very tender piece of writing and an honest look at what we all can relate to within our own memories. The ‘between’ lines are like whispered responses to the past experience, but the feelings are saved until those last few lines. Really very lovely,



    1. Thank you so much, Elizabeth, for your specific feedback. The original poem did not have those echoes between…I think they were what my heart was feeling when I wrote the first draft. I am glad those echoes have found their way to words. Thanks again… ~Paula


  8. Coming in this far down makes commenting redundant! I agree with Viv: what Mike and Amy say regarding love; and, what Elizabeth says re the poem 🙂



    1. Thanks for visiting…and for commenting, anyway. Even if it felt redundant. I appreciate it a great deal. Especially on this piece. ~Paula

      P.S. Regarding comments:
      I’ve actually thought about not approving comments right away in order for readers to say what they want rather than feeling like they’re just repeating what has already been said. Also…I rather like the way Elizabeth replies…she puts her reply right inside the reader’s original comment. I’ve been thinking about making that switch–although, if someone asks for notifications of replies or other comments, and no one else comments, they wouldn’t receive notification that I had posted a reply. …something to ponder.


  9. I don’t know why, but the voice reminds me of the narrator from one of those grand black and white romances–Rebecca, maybe, or Laura. I like it.


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