Simple Piku

I am beat.

must get some sleep.

P. Wanken

This form is “Piku” ~ taken from the mathematical term “pi” (which is 3.14) and the poetic form “haiku” (a 3-line poem of a certain syllabic length). This form is three lines, following the syllabic pattern of 3-1-4 (in reference to the math term “pi”).  Get it!?  🙂  Makes for a very short, simple poem. Which, in its very nature, addresses the Theme Thursday prompt for today:  “simple”.  The picture of a mathematical equation is also a part of the prompt. It is what made me immediately think of the piku form.  [As a side note: it took waaay longer to write these “process notes” than it did to write the poem! LOL]


  1. Simply lovely! Did you create this form? You have the potential to extend it to many more decimal places….!


    1. Derek: No, I did not create this form. I’ve seen it on others’ blogs. And yes–it could be extended! But then perhaps it wouldn’t be so simple. 😉 Thanks for stopping by, and for your comment! ~Paula


    1. I’m not sure where this form originated…but Tilly Bud (another blogger…there’s a link in my list) is a master of the piku! After reading several of her poems, I decided to finally give ’em a try. They’re kinda fun!! 🙂


    1. Melanie: Thanks for your visit…and the comment. It is cool, huh! I’m not sure who thought it up, but I like doing them now that I’ve tried it! ~Paula


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