white-knuckled, they sat

transfixed on the glowing screen ~
the bump: boy or girl?

P. Wanken

Written for Three Word Wednesday prompt:  bump, knuckle, transfix…and in celebration with friends of mine who just announced their family will be growing.  🙂


    1. 🙂 …my friends are not far enough along yet for there to be a “baby bump”, let alone for there to be any “bumps” on the screen!

      As always, thanks for the visit!!



    1. Thanks so much, Alt! I’m not sure if my friends will “stay in the dark” or not. They’ve had one sonogram–too soon to tell! ~Paula


    1. Still too early in the game to know one way or the other…but at 10 weeks, all is well…..for which they’re very grateful! 🙂 Thanks for your visit! ~Paula


    1. Hmm…unusual? Is that a good thing or bad thing: to be unusual. And…”funny”: Ha Ha? or “funny”: peculiar!? 😉

      I’m just kidding…thanks for your visits and your comments…..ALWAYS appreciated…



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