Beam Me Up!


not all that great

life down here
be quite a drag

let me see
from your view point

beam me up
your tin can please

P. Wanken

written for Poetic Bloomings prompt #9, Deep Space Nine:

Vantage point plays an important part in firing up our muse. The view from the ground varies greatly from the treetops. We see things slightly different. Today we are exercising our imaginations and playing with our perspective. So let’s blast off!

Your tether has broken away from the command module, and you are adrift in deep space. You are Major Tom floating by your “tin can”. But, you are not in danger. Until they can reel you back in, you have nothing but time to poem; equipped with your message board and an extraordinary view of the universe.

Write your poem, remembering your vantage point and your over-active imagination. “Can you hear me, Major Tom?”


    1. Thanks, earlybird! Walt made it challenging with the added contest to use the “secret phrase”. I thought for sure “beam me up” would do it! But…apparently I am not enough of a trekkie to have picked the right phrase. The poem was fun to write, nonetheless! 🙂 ~Paula


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