Day: 2011/06/25

Six Word Saturday…6/25/11

I just learned I’m an “opsimath”.

Besides learning what the word opsimath means (one who learns late in life), I’ve been learning to spread my creative wings. For a few months I have been finding great joy in writing, and last night I actually used acrylics on a canvas and painted a picture!

I still have a lot to learn…and two books, recommended by fellow creative types, are part of my journey of doing so:

  • Stephen Fry’s The Ode Less Travelled (Unlocking The Poet Within)
  • Betty Edwards’ Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

I’m already learning from Fry’s book: page xx of the foreward is where I learned the definition of opsimath!

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Vision of the Future (a haiku)

just like an eclipse

my radiance is darkened ~

and this too shall pass

P. Wanken

While this haiku was written a week ago I hadn’t posted it anywhere. This morning I realize it’s a fitting response to Writer’s Island’s final (hopefully, just “for now”) prompt: Vision of the Future.