Day: 2011/06/22

Virtual Transformation


insecurity, my gag,
long maintained my silence

beliefs, ideas, thoughts, feelings
explored in solitude

words tentatively typed on a screen
available to all

who will read them?
who will care?

first one, and then another
random comments from far and wide

and then, three months ago, he found me
my big brother, my mentor, my friend

back to the beginning he read them all
not one word did he omit

his words to me
encourage, teach, challenge

confidence grows
silence is shattered

beliefs, ideas, thoughts, feelings
explored in community

P. Wanken

Written for Three Word Wednesday prompt: gag, maintain, omit; and Poetic Asides prompt to write a poem about a specific moment with a person that I have not seen in over three months. I chose to write about Mike Patrick (author of the blog: The Poet’s Quill). While it’s true that I have not seen Mike in over three months, the real truth is that we’ve never met in person. Though it was another who encouraged me to start writing, and there have been many in the past weeks who have become dear to me and who have played a role in shaping me as a writer, the moment I read Mike’s first comments to me I knew I had found a very special friend—the big brother I never had—and I am truly grateful.