you used to follow me
as though you sought me out
to watch over me
to tell me I was no longer alone

you reminded me
of the fullness of my life
my bright shiny future

In your presence
I opened my heart
consoled another’s
confessed my love
believed promises

and now
you follow
as if to taunt and tease

wherever I go I see you
over my shoulder
peering through the trees
peeking in my window

your presence
now illuminates
the void in my life
being alone
in vast nothingness

my hopes and dreams
by a broken heart

P. Wanken

posted at Poets United


  1. Paula, this is lovely, the changing perceptions of the ever-changing, yet ever-present moon. I also like the hints of meaning in your words – “fullness” and “void”. Very sad, but said beautifully: “your presence / now illuminates / the void in my life”.



    1. Thank you, Richard, for choosing to comment on this poem….your feedback is always helpful, and I wondered about some of my word choices. ~Paula


  2. Sad and haunting, PW, & especially effective with the eclipse in the final stanza. Glad to see you’re still at it. Well done.


    1. Ron! Hello, my friend! Earlier today I was thinking that I hadn’t heard from you in a while…glad to know you’re still out there, too. 🙂 Thanks for your thoughts on this one…greatly appreciated. Don’t be so strange. Er, I mean, don’t be such a stranger! 🙂 ~Paula


  3. The wistfulness of this poem… as though it starts out in your youth and then, after some disappointments in life, looms large hectoring you. Moon as Luna and as pizza-faced pain in the ass, really!! (Sorry, moment of bitterness there…)

    This was a lovely reminder that La Luna holds promise, but also has a face that watches us… thanks, Paula! Here’s mine, from a P.A. prompt:
    Ever your faithful poetic bud, Amy


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