Bits of My Poems

Beliefs opposition of the Serpent etched in bone and marrow Ideas luminous sparks of light stardust escaping slits in the sky Thoughts tangled threads of woven gossamer shaped by the temple of the loom Stories fanciful fiction or truthful tales crafted by imagination or experience 2011-6-19 P. Wanken Written for The Sunday Whirl, prompt #9, using the 13 words from the wordle.


  1. Strong writing, Paula. It’s a beautiful piece…the words turned into beliefs, thoughts, ideas and stories. This was an inspired way to tackle them.


  2. You and I used several words in the exact same way in totally different poems. I do love how that can happen. I like the way you have structured the poem. I’ll have to remember that!


    1. Yes, I’ve read your poem and we sure did have some commonality! I love to read wordle poems.

      As for the structure…it sort of just “happened”. I didn’t indent any of the lines initially…it wasn’t until I pondered a title for my poem that I looked at the four main words and decided to use them as an acrostic — after switching “beliefs” and “thoughts” around in the order, that is! And then I indented the subsequent lines of each stanza to hopefully tie “BITS” together. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Susannah. When thinking about “ideas”, I imagined synapses firing in the brain….and the whole cartoon image of a lightbulb over my head. Those two things kind of came together in the wordle words as the phrase I wrote.

      I appreciate your visit and comment….



    1. Thank you, Mary! I love wordles…I haven’t been writing very long, but I actually believe some of my better pieces have been inspired by wordles! 🙂 ~Paula


  3. Acrostics have been around forever, but the form of your poem may be brand new. An acrostic word, followed by a personal definition, is both powerful and fresh. Keep it up.


    1. I keep telling ya, Mike, that I don’t follow any rules….I just write!! So, I guess almost all of my poems are going to be “brand new forms”!! LOL 😉

      But seriously….thank you for your encouragement.



  4. Paula, this is a story told with imagination and experience. It’s so well-crafted. I love how you went from ideas to thoughts and “shaped by the temple of the loom” – that’s such a beautiful image – and so apt.



    1. Richard! Good to have you stop by. I trust your absence of a few days has meant having fun with the boys doing fun summer stuff!!! 🙂 As always, I appreciate your feedback. I loved using “temple” in a way not so typical. Good to “see ya”! ~Paula


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