Day: 2011/06/18

At the Threshold ~ by L. Kolp & P. Wanken

When reading Laurie Kolp’s response to Writer’s Island prompt: “threshold”, I was inspired to write a haiku (previously posted as “Knocking at the Door”) as a response to her poem. Here is Laurie’s acrostic poem:  At the Threshold, followed by my haiku.

Try to walk alone, bigshot
Hands in pocket, head high
Random thoughts of another
Each one with a sly motive
Slanderous gossip slithers
Heavenward– tempers reach
Open flames they burn, too
Leaving scars on self-will
Don’t slam the door on God

He stands at the door
He doesn’t force His way in
He waits patiently

2011-06-18 / L. Kolp & P. Wanken