Day: 2011/06/12

Inspiring Dreams


For what would you ask, if granted one wish?
Perhaps you would request time off to fish.

…wouldn’t that be alluring?

Some fairy tale wishes make others wince:
to be woken from sleep, kissed by a prince.

…yet, some would say enchanting.

Others may wish for a way to forget:
to eat the lotus would be their sure bet.

…oh, if mythical stories were true!

Still others may be devious or bold:
wishing for slim torsos, to be un-old.

…they would find a kinship with many!

Tell me your wish, what strange thing will you ask?
My wish would be for one up to the task!

…it doesn’t hurt to dream!

P. Wanken

Written for The Sunday Whirl, prompt #8, using the 12 words from the wordle.