Day: 2011/06/08

Time to Rhyme


Once upon a time
I was quite fond of TV,
watching far too much
of what was not good for me.

And then came along
the digital conversion,
which was meant to be
“all that” in television.

I bought the right box
and I plugged it in just so,
ran the channel scan
and it didn’t work–oh no!

But I am too cheap
for TV I will not pay,
which meant my routine
I would alter on that day.

How would I pass time?
What could I possibly do?
Not spending a dime,
I first read a book, then two.

It was quite a switch
to turn off the background noise.
But what did I learn?
Tranquil silence brings great joys.

In this great silence
I discovered something new.
I can write poems
that I can then share with you.

Tonight, at a friend’s
I’ve made a new discovery:
I watch TV like
an addict in recovery.

I sat down to write
my next poem for the day.
The TV is on,
it tries to pull me away.

Though I like this show
a thought pops into my head:
Don’t start that again;
turn it off and write instead!

P. Wanken

Written for Three Word Wednesday prompt: fond, tranquil, alter; and Poetic Asides prompt to write a “don’t start that again” poem.