Day: 2011/06/06

Unraveled. Unspun.


How can I spin this?

I could just say it’s common,
and life will go on.

Perhaps I could be convincing
with tales of tastes too gaudy for me.

Or even tell myself
that it was all a dream.


I once was unafraid. Safe.
And you basked in my radiant glow.


My cries undulate
in the stillness of the night.

I stand, as on the edge of an abyss,
peering into the inky darkness.

I seek out places of refuge,
burrows in which to hide.

Purple, bruised, broken:
my heart murmurs…

There is no way to spin away the pain.

2011-06-06 9:50 p.m.
P. Wanken

written for Sunday Whirl prompt 2011-06-05