Men At Work


Five guys in hard hats.
One is down in a hole.
The other four are looking on…

P. Wanken

Written for Poetic Asides prompt for 6/1/2011:  write a “let’s get serious” poem.


  1. That sounds about right. There’s road work going on all over the place now (because in Canada, we have two seasons on the road: icy winter snowy crap, and impassable construction), and it’s nuts that you can watch ten guys stand around observing the two guys actually swinging shovels or riding the big toys (like the bulldozers and graders 😀 I kinda want to learn to drive a bulldozer, actually. I might have a little too much fun with it though).


    1. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

      As for the bulldozer…I’ve observed one out my office window for a few weeks now and have thought the same thing!



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