What Lies Beneath

image provided by Deanna Marie at PoeticBloomings.Blogspot.com


a gift beyond comparison
to discover
what has always been there
waiting to be found
little by little the façade is loosed
the masterpiece revealed
is the Giver of such gifts

P. Wanken

This picture was the prompt at Poetic Bloomings this week. I had not written anything as a response to a picture prompt until this past week, and now here’s a second one already! They have challenged me! …which is a good thing.

Upon first seeing this photo, I wasn’t sure what I was even looking at…so I moved on to my next prompt. Like my first attempt at writing in response to a visual image, this picture also kept coming back to mind. I thought I was going to skip this one…but I couldn’t let it go.

As I thought about what to write, a poem I had written back in January kept taking over my thoughts. So instead of a new poem, I reworded the old one to fit the image.


  1. Hi Paula, am slow getting back on responses this week. Like how you married the poem to the image. Liked your process notes as well. I am doing a collaboration of digital images and poetry on Tuesday, but you have all week to respond. You are more than welcome to try your hand at it. You can find them at
    The site is called Unraveling. Hope you try it,



    1. Thanks for the feedback, Elizabeth! AND for the information on the image/poetry collaboration site for Tuesdays. I’ll check it out! Thanks for the visit. ~Paula


  2. I like “little by little the façade is loosed
    the masterpiece revealed”.

    Very profound poem.

    Thank you for sharing.


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