Here, I AM.

God has a way of getting my attention through repetition. I think that’s the clearest way I recognize His voice through the cacophony of sound in my life. If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know I recently posted an entry about gossip—and the various places that topic had come up. (Click here to read that entry.)

Well, God is at it again. For the past several days I have been thinking about priorities. And last night, while stuck in traffic that wasn’t moving, I even posted to my Facebook status:  “…pondering priorities vs options”.

So…today is Wednesday. I have two places to go for prompts on Wednesdays. And—surprise, surprise—Robert Brewer, at Poetic Asides, prompted us to “write a priorities poem”. The other prompt is from Three Word Wednesday: use “grin, jumble, and naked” in a poem. Here is the result…


Here, I AM,
exposed, as naked.
My mind is
a jumble.
My life has filled with options,
and You let me choose.

Here, I AM,
in all my weakness,
having failed
many times.
Show me what is important:
Your priorities.

Here, I AM,
forgiven, redeemed.
You captured
all my tears.
Your love has washed over me,
I can grin again.

P. Wanken

written as three shadormas


    1. Thanks! And…no! I didn’t write it in traffic…the one line on Facebook was done in traffic. But these thoughts have been bouncing around in my head for a few days now.

      Thanks for stopping by!! 🙂



  1. My mind writes great stuff, while driving, in a church pew, even at work, I wish there was some kind of recorder to preserve the words I come up with. It often doesn’t come out as interesting as I thought it. You did a great job.


    1. Thanks, Christine. Though some of these thoughts occurred while I was away from my laptop, I didn’t compose it until I sat down at the computer. But yes–a recorder would be handy. I do have a little notebook I keep in my purse for occasionally jotting down interesting thoughts/phrases. 🙂 ~Paula


  2. Right now I have many decisions to make, and I’m trying to seek God’s will for my life and find the wisdom I need. It gets overwhelming, and I think I was starting to forget that it’s a privilege to have choices. So thank you for the reminder. Your poem is beautiful.

    I found your blog via Sunday Scribblings, by the way.


    1. Ena: Thanks for visiting via Sunday Scribblings. I’m glad my echoes have resonated with you on some level. Blessings to you as you seek His direction for you! ~Paula


    1. Thank you, Lilibeth. I’ve been a bit preoccupied these past few days and have fallen behind on reading others’ posts! And I don’t like reading any responses to prompts until I have written my piece. SO…I have yet to make it back to read more from these prompts. But I do appreciate your comment on my originality. 🙂 ~Paula


  3. I see light everywhere. I rarely know which to walk toward. Mostly, I try to stay as still as posible.

    My poem “Killing The Goldfinch” was largely composed mentally on a Morning’s commute to work. I had to pull over into a rest area to get the first draft down on paper. Same thing for “On A Wire”. I wonder what it is about bird poems…


    1. Thanks for sharing those two poems…

      In the first, I loved the line, “flight does not guarantee arrival”…

      and in the second, “Birds in search of one last brightness, one last dream of summer flight, gleam.”

      You do have a way with words, my friend.



  4. I suppose one could argue that having been given ‘free will’, we should be prepared to stand by our mistakes – but it is always nice to find oneself forgiven and redeemed, and given the chance to try again. Have we learned anything? That’s the point.


  5. i find driving is when my mind seems to flip a switch and thinking goes into over drive.

    choices….priorities….not so easy a task…deciding what is most crucial…

    lovely poem…I hope the ending truly found its way to you.


    1. rmp:
      I started this year with sort of a “resolution” to “listen” more…and switched off the car radio for all of January. As January led into February…and the weeks led into Lent…I found that the majority of my time in the car was without the radio. Having that uninterrupted time for listening has helped clarify thoughts…and has been the ideal venue for developing my thoughts.

      Thanks for stopping by…for your comments…and the hope offered at the end of your note. Greatly appreciated!! 🙂



  6. I love your poem. I’m exploring the 3WW and hence stumbled upon it…or was I led? At tea with my sister today we spoke about being guided to what’s worthwhile, and the humility required in turning to God…baring one’s soul and trusting in the absolution that follows. As a Muslim, I firmly rely on God’s guidance and trust in His listening to me. I am moved by your writing echoing our speaking today. Thank you.


    1. Whether you stumbled upon or were led to my poem, I’m glad!! I am so glad that my echoes (the name of my blog: echoes from the silence) have resonated with you. Thank you for taking the time to pause long enough to comment, as well.

      As for the 3WW…love the prompt site! There’s another out there that gives a 12- or 13-word prompt, as well: . There’s a new prompt each Sunday.



    1. I chose the words, capitalization, and punctuation for “Here, I AM” very carefully…not only did I want my words to reflect that I am here, at the Lord’s feet…I also wanted to use the words to address God as “I AM”, as He refers to Himself to Moses in Exodus.

      The double entendre is meant to reflect my posture before God as well as His identity.


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