managing to write

Though I have been a bit overwhelmed with life these past couple weeks (and recovering from the pace of National Poetry Month in April), I have remained committed to posting SOMEthing each day. Writing has opened up an entire new world of expression for me, and I refuse to let life overwhelm me to the point of not writing. A friend suggested that my writing might even increase — I haven’t found that to be the case, but I have yet to allow the numbness and weariness to overtake my echoes.

So today…I eke out a simple haiku:

brandishing my pen
forbidding you to stop me
managing to write

P. Wanken

The last word, “write”, could be substituted with “feel” or “grow” or “live”…all of which are encompassed in my new-found need to write…

written for Three Word Wednesday prompt: brandish, forbid, manage


  1. So glad you posted today – this was just perfect – sometimes writing leaves you for a day or two but it never deserts’s just thinking time in between..Jae


  2. your entire introductory paragraph AND the poem are one fusion creation. don’t be afraid to count everything. give yourself credit for ALL that you write, not just the centerpiece. i enjoyed it all. write wherever your muse takes you. don’t try to define it until it is finished, and if you can’t find the established term, MAKE SOMETHING UP!


    1. Gordon…

      Thank you for that. I do believe I need to include “introductory paragraphs” more often…because those words that are swirling around in my head in conjunction with the “centerpiece”, as you said, are indeed also important — often being the heart of the matter. I appreciate your feedback…

      ~ Paula


    1. Oh…if only I COULD paint! But yes, you’re right…I’ve been feeling like sketches are all I can muster. As always, Alt…thanks for your words. ~Paula


  3. I picked some words from this piece for Sunday’s Wordle. 🙂 I took two wrods from the haiku, and two from your notes. Thanks for wordling with us every Sunday. It’s good that you found us.


    1. Brenda – thanks! I will be traveling Sunday so I’m not sure how soon I’ll get to the wordle…but I am having fun with them! Thanks for providing the prompt…and thanks for including some from my work, this week. I look forward to to seeing what you chose! ~Paula


  4. Wonderful haiku – I can so relate; even if I don’t manage to put words to paper (or computer screen) every day, the desire to write never leaves.


  5. Paula, I like your haiku – and your commitment to write every day. I don’t manage that, but I am writing a lot more than I thought I would be.



    1. Richard ~
      I have missed a few days recently…and it was strange not to write. I was on vacation, so my schedule was really off and I didn’t read/write anything for 3-4 days! But I’ll hopefully be back in the groove again…because even when I wasn’t writing, a thought would strike me as “you should write about this someday”….

      As for YOUR writing…keep on, keepin’ on! Your posts are great!

      And…as for this haiku: thanks!! 🙂


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