memory of a May morning


leaning out the window of the chalet
I breathe in what remains of the cool night air;
the morning dew glistens on the lush green carpet
of the valley stretching below;
the sun illuminates the Alps, rising above.
What could not be captured in print
will remain forever in my mind’s eye.

P. Wanken

written for Sunday Scribblings prompt:  May


  1. That is a lovely description of a beautiful morning’s vision.
    Most of us have the memory of wonderful things, locked away in our ‘mind’s eye’.


  2. Yes, there are some things that canNOT be well preserved in words, though we may try. We have to be able to revisit our visual memories. Or perhaps get out that camera. Or paint brush! Well written!


    1. If only I could paint, I would love to recapture the magic of that moment! I did take some pictures–but none of them did justice what’s in my memory.


  3. Something breath-taking to keep alive…it’s strange..when you wrote ‘green carpet’..I had a vision of a hotel room..I guess some people remember outside things whilst others don’t even leave the chalet! (or maybe it’s a mix of the two?) have left me with some wonderful and interesting images..Jae


    1. The room where I stayed had just as many things to captivate my senses…like the fluffy down duvet…the sleek light-colored maple furnishings…the scent of breakfast cooking down the hallway…it was quite a trip!


    1. Bee…Yes! To soak it in, capturing it fully within when you know a picture or even words will never do it justice. Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts…and the link! ~Paula


    2. I think that’s one of the hardest parts of being a writer: letting yourself just relax and enjoy something beautiful, instead of focusing half on what you’re going to write later once you get near a pen and paper/computer. At least, for me.
      Though on the flip side, during a bad experience, it’s comforting to distract oneself from it by thinking of poetry to write about it later.


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