Night Watch


your fullness provides light,
it draws me in,ย  surrounds me;
my night watchman at the ready

a passing phase

diminishing daily, reducing your presence
until the day comes when
I look longingly to where you used to be

you are new

I know you are there
I still feel your pull on me
but I can no longer see you

I watch for your return

2011-05-03 9:30 p.m.
P. Wanken


  1. New moon in May. New’s my favorite phase this time of year. Full’s over-rated.

    There’s more here than moon. Great stuff.


    1. Amy ~

      Thanks for stopping by…is “Tioga Moon” on your blog? I’ll have to look. Love “moon” posts and would like to read it! You may have seen this one already…but here’s another reference made to the night watchman… A Lover



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