aching from loss
vision blurred by thirst for revenge
blood, thrumming in his ears

in animated whispers
he wonders aloud,
to no one in particular:

Did they train us for this?

surrounded on the hillsides
he begins scribbling words
he hopes will sustain her:

You are resilient…

2011-05-01 9:50 p.m.
P. Wanken

written for Sunday Whirl prompt 2011-05-01


    1. Thanks, Pamela! I was thinking: “ahh…May 1st…I don’t HAVE to write a poem today…”

      And then I thought: “AAAHHH!!! Where’s my NaPoWriMo fix!?!”

      I was away most of the day but by the time I finally came back to my computer and saw Brenda’s prompt…and the new prompt site called Poetic Bloomings….I thought: “ahh…I have TWO poems to write!”

      This was the first one.

      Thanks for stopping by…I look forward to criss-crossing paths with you as we continue to write well beyond April!



    1. Thanks, Tilly! I rather enjoy the wordle challenge. It took a while to get to it today and I was grateful the word told ME their story. ~Paula


  1. Paula, this is great. So compact, but haunting. You evoke so much in this one. That ending really packs a punch. That he would be thinking of her and not himself really gets me. An excellent take on those wordle words.



    1. b_y: Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. I’ve been working on trying to make few words say more than what the letters on the page represent. I hope you’ll stop back another day! 🙂 ~Paula


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