Marking Time

Marking Time

big events
mark time in your life

births, graduations, promotions
weddings, retirement
buying your first house

losing a loved one
a child, a parent
a sibling, a spouse

the passage of time
is filled with joy and sorrow
celebrate when you can
we’re promised no tomorrow

2011-03-14 2:20 a.m.
P. Wanken

written for Sunday Scribblings prompt: big
and as a tribute to a friend, recently passed
so therefore also fitting for Writer’s Island prompt: tribute


  1. ‘Celebrate when you can. we’re promised no tomorrow’ – that line hit me right between the eyes, because it is virtually the same as a comment my wife made to me today when discussing the problems in the world and the family. You have come up with a truism there alright!


    1. Alt~ Seems to be a common theme as, worldwide, we’re all becoming a bit more aware that life is too short. Celebrating with you at one more day for each of us! 🙂 ~Paula


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