the seasons of love

the seasons of love

mention the blossom
affinity is revealed –
she fidgets coyly

now, radiant heat –
passion cannot be contained
their love is growing

just as the leaves blow
time has passed steadily by –
their love has remained

a winter’s solstice –
this is the final chapter
of their love story

2011-03-05 9:35 p.m.
P. Wanken

I wrote the first and fourth verses of this poem as two separate haiku poems (love revealed and a treasured book) for two separate writing prompts. They were my first attempts at haiku! As I pondered them, I could see how they were bookends to a love story. So today–I wrote the rest of their story.


    1. Thanks, Pamela! I don’t include notes with many of my posts…but I’ve found that I like them on ones I’ve come across. I might have to add notes now and then. As always…thanks for your visit and your encouragement! ~Paula


    1. Thanks, Judy…I really liked this one when I wrote it…and couldn’t pass up including it for this new prompt. But it makes me feel like I cheated! I just might have to write another for the “season” prompt at Writer’s Island this week…ran out of time today. ~Paula


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